1.     Develop cross-platform deploy scripts for deep neural network models;

2.     Develop ROS modules for perception model integration;

3.     Integrate sensors into robotic control systems;

4.     Develop custom firmware for embedded applications;

5.     Develop and maintain continuously integrated AWS server infrastructure;

6.     Manage high-volume customer-sourced database pipeline;

7.     Draft and publish empirical results in peer-reviewed publications; and

8.     Develop custom behavioral experiments to develop human subject models/experiments.

Requirements & Qualifications

Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

Experience and Skills

Employer requires at least one (1) year of work experience in a computer vision technology firm.

Successful candidate must also have:  (1) Demonstrated knowledge of machine learning skills and performed deep network training and evaluation using custom Python tools and Deep Learning libraries; (2) Demonstrated knowledge of Arduino programming and sensor integration in ROS (Robot Operating System) environments; (3)  Demonstrated experience with data science methods to prepare empirical results for publications/peer-reviewed science journals; (4)  Demonstrated ability managing a high-volume (40TB or more in capacity and millions of data points transferred daily) cloud computing architecture (i.e. AWS); and (5) Demonstrated ability programming PostgreSQL.

All years of experience may be gained concurrently.

Travel Requirement:

5% domestic and international travel required.

Send resumes by USPO to Perceptive Automata, Inc., 230 Somerville Ave. 2nd Floor, Somerville MA 02143 (Attn: Sid Misra)